Monday, July 22, 2013

Cooking Demo

I love having my daughter home in the summer.  Or winter break, spring break, a long holiday weekend--I'll take her anytime I can get her.  I love having her around.  She's such a big help to me and we have so much fun together.  My two younger boys love it too.  She helps them out, plays with them, and keep them entertained.

I will admit though that this girl has an appetite.  Always has.  So when she's home I feel like I spend a lot more time in the kitchen making meals and snacks.  She's always enjoyed helping me in the kitchen though and now that she's getting older and can read and follow a recipe she's having a lot more fun being independent in the kitchen.  She was so thrilled to whip up dessert for our family the other night all by herself. She made one of her favorite treats, Granola Bar Bites.  

I'm out of town this week on vacation and won't be sharing a new recipe but please enjoy this cooking demo done by my seven year old.   Maybe it will inspire you to have your kids make you a treat for once!

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