Monday, June 17, 2013

Simple Main Dish Dinner Salads

Growing up we never went out to eat.  The only exception was when we were on vacation.  This was my one chance to finally  get a hamburger and fries but I passed it up almost every time.  What did I pick?  A salad.  What a strange child I was.  I love salads though!--or maybe it's really the salad dressing that I like.  Either way they're a summer dinner staple at our house.  I can't get enough of them--but come winter I won't touch the stuff.  Happens every year. Strange, I know.

Did you know that the three vegetables most consumed in the U.S. are potatoes (in the form of chips and fries), tomatoes (in the form of ketchup and pasta sauce) and ice burg lettuce (which has practically no nutritional value).  Isn't that sad?  We've really got to learn to love our veggies.  

Dinner salads are a quick, easy, and light summer meal.  If you have a habit of buying ice burg lettuce make a goal to try a new kind of lettuce.  My favorite is romaine hearts.  Toss it together with some veggies (and fruits) and you have a delicious meal.  And lets not forget salad dressings.  Not only are dressings delicious, but a little bit of good fat with your veggies helps your body absorb the nutrients better.

Don't forget I have three kids too.  They're not very picky eaters but no way are they going to eat a salad for dinner!  So what do they get?  All the pieces.  And they love it!  These are some of their favorite dinners.

Simple Main Dish Dinner Salads

There are two basic salads I make, the veggie loaded, and the fruity kind.

Veggie Loaded Salad Ideas:
Lettuce, cooked and cubed chicken, tomato, cucumber, olives, carrot, broccoli, red pepper, avocado, red onion or green onion, cubed cheese.
Drizzle with a ranch or vinaigrette style dressing.

Fruity Salad Ideas:
Lettuce, cook and cubed chicken, apple, berries (strawberries, blueberries, black berries), pear, dried cranberries, avocado, cucumber, carrots, green onion or red onion, walnuts, cubed or feta cheese.
Drizzles with a poppy seed or berry vinaigrette dressing.

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  1. Yummy! With it presented like that, I'm sure they gobble it up! Thank you for linking with HickoryTrail

  2. I love salads too! Your's look delicious. Whenever I make them for dinner, my 3 year old GOBBLES them up he loves them! My 1 yr old struggles with greens so she just gets the pieces too, and always asks for seconds :)
    Heidi @

  3. This salad looks delicious! I'm always looking or new salad combinations. Thanks so much for posting!
    Julie @

  4. Hi Amy - Welcome and congrats on your new blog. I love summer salads and look forward to trying your ideas. Any time you ever want to join forces on a project or idea, hit me up... I'm a "baby blogger" too. Hugs, Holly


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